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The King of All Freeloaders

By Alden L. Benton

I usually begin my posts with a short, pertinent quote on the topic I will cover.  The quote I have chosen today is longer, but it reflects the theme I have attempted to maintain throughout the life of this blog.  The quote is from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Solzhenitsyn knew the evils of the power of an unrestrained government.  After fighting for the Soviet Union during World War II, Solzhenitsyn wrote letters to a friend that criticized of Joseph Stalin.  He was arrested.  He spent eight years in prison labor camps, and then three more years in exile for daring to write private letters criticizing their dear leader.  Solzhenitsyn’s words bring a chilling warning about the ever-increasing power of government and the real dangers it poses to the individual and illuminate why the Constitution and the Bill of Rights must be protected at all costs.

“Our present system is unique in world history, because over and above its physical and economic constraints, it demands of us total surrender of our souls, continuous and active participation in the general, conscious lie.  To this putrefaction of the soul, this spiritual enslavement, human beings who wish to be human cannot consent.  When Caesar, having exacted what is Caesar’s, demands still more insistently that we render him what is God’s — that is a sacrifice we dare not make!”
~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, from Under the Rubble (1974)

This is the ultimate goal of the Left.  Take our power.  Take our money.  Take our freedom.  Take our souls.

Enter stage left, California Governor Jerry “Governor Moonbeam” Brown.

Red State reported yesterday (May 16, 2017) that Governor Brown, responding to outrage over a $52 billion tax increase to fund the failing golden parachute known as CalPERS, and other state programs, called the state’s wage earners “freeloaders.”

The Democratic super majority in the California legislature rammed through legislation that will hurt poor and middle-income wage earners.  The bill (SB1) includes a 12 cent increase in the gas tax (which is already one of the highest in the nation), and an increase in car registration fees averaging from $50 to $180 per car.  Fuel fees will also rise for agriculture equipment, trucks, and off-highway vehicles (OHV) including boats.

These fees are imposed under the guise of user fees.  On the surface, this is true.  However, a major part of this tax/fee hike is not related to the highways it purports will be improved.  Much of the revenue will go to pay off loans from other funds, to bail out failed funds, fund non-transportation related programs, and pork barrel funding ($500 million) for an extension of the high-speed rail fiasco into Merced County and to finish a “parkway” leading into UC Merced to pay off a key Assemblyman.

Back to Governor Moonbeam.

In all of his full-blown, pompous, callous, leftist, arrogance, the governor is calling those who pay the bills in this state, including his inflated salary, freeloaders.

In reality, he is the California King of Freeloaders.

Governor Brown has never had a real job.

Governor Brown attended a seminary, became a lawyer, and won a seat on the Los Angeles City College board of trustees.  Brown has never worked as a lawyer or in any truly meaningful, gainful employment.  When he wasn’t being paid by the state government (Governor twice, state attorney general), he worked as Democratic party hack, even running a failed campaign for president.

That the people of California, the people who struggle every day against the massive state bureaucracy, the people who pay a larger share of their hard-earned money to the dysfunctional state leviathan than any other state, are considered by the ruling-class elite to be freeloaders is obscene beyond words.

According to the Washington Times, there is an initiative proposed for the November 2018 ballot.  This is a step in the right direction as the state’s initiative and referendum process gives the voters of the state the ultimate power of veto.  However, we need to go farther.

It is time for the people of California to rise once more and recall the governor, and every representative from every party who voted for this insanity or who supports the governor’s arrogance and stupidity.

“If people give up their attachment to expansive government, they will feel free to fight the income tax.”
~ Sheldon Richman, Your Money or Your Life: Why We Must Abolish the Income Tax (1999)

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Proposition 28: Special Interest Election Fraud

By Alden L. Benton

There is an old saying that goes, “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  With the California Primary Election scheduled for Tuesday, June 5, Californians need to think twice before they vote on Proposition 28.

Proposition 28 is a fraud.

Proposition 28 claims to further limit the terms of state legislators, lowering the total time served to 12 years.  This is misleading.

Section 3 of Proposition 28 amends Section 2 of Article IV of the California Constitution.  This section defines the composition, election, and term length of members of the state Senate and Assembly.  State Senate terms are four years and Assembly terms are two years.

In 1990, the voters passed Proposition 140 which amended the state constitution to limit the length of legislative terms.  The current state constitution limits a state Senator to no more than two terms (eight years), and an Assemblyman to no more than three terms (six years).  Combined, a person could serve a total of 14 years in both the Senate and Assembly.

Proposition 28 eliminates those restrictions and replaces them with a 12-year limit on serving in either, or both, houses of the state legislature.  If an individual chose to run for election in one house of the state legislature, he could continue to be re-elected to that house for up to 12 years.

Therein lays the fraud.

Under current law, an individual is restricted to eight years in the state Senate or six years in the Assembly.  Proposition 28 allows 12 years of service in either house, lengthening the length of time that can be served in the Senate from eight to 12 years, and from six to 12 years in the Assembly.

In summary, Proposition 28 is a fraud.  It reduces the total time an individual may serve in the state legislature from 14 to 12 years, but dramatically increases the number of years an individual can serve in one house.

Proposition 28 is, at best, cosmetic reform.  At worst, Proposition 28 is a fraud that will allow special interests and public employee unions to elect and entrench sympathetic legislators in both houses of the state legislature for more than a decade to the detriment of the taxpayers and the future of the once golden state.

Vote NO on Proposition 28 on June 5.

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