About Me

My name is Alden Benton.  I am a Traditional Scholar Warrior battling the lies of the left and defending liberty with facts and logic.  I hone my greatest weapon, my mind, with tireless reading and study.

I am an old-school journalist who earned my degree when truth, ethics, and fairness still mattered in the press.  A life-long conservative, I began my career at a small local daily newspaper in Fullerton, California.  From there I went on to a career in the aerospace industry using my writing and editing talents to produce technical reports and proposals.

For medical reasons, I went into retirement.  However, I have decided to come out of retirement to use my knowledge and abilities to turn back the tide of statism that is threatening the very existence of the United States of America.

My mission is to assemble and prepare an army of like-minded scholar warriors to fight with me to free America from the grip of government tyranny and return it to a land of freedom and prosperity for all, of We, the People, without the shackles of a ubiquitous and overreaching government.

My manifesto is simple and is illuminated in my first blog post “In Defense of God and Country.”

In the words of Joe Rizal, hero of the Philippine Revolution: “The tyranny of some is possible only through the cowardice of others.”

There is strength and courage in truth and wisdom.  Join me in the battle to take back America from those who seek to destroy it from within, and from without.  It is a truly righteous cause.  It is a cause whose time has come.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”  ~Samuel Adams


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  1. Thank you for dropping by Malcolm’s Corner and liking ‘Freedom Works’.

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