It’s About the Constitution, Not Guns

“True words aren’t eloquent;
eloquent words aren’t true.
Wise men don’t need to prove their point;
men who need to prove their point aren’t wise.”
~Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching, Verse 81

By Alden L. Benton

The current discussion in the nation over the merits or need for gun control has never been about guns. 

For the progressive-statist Democrats it is about ripping another page from the Constitution (the Second Amendment) and about control.  For Conservatives, it is about maintaining the liberty and personal freedoms guaranteed in that very same Constitution.

The progressive-statist-Democrat complex (PSD) has one goal — total control of the American citizen.  Without that control, the PSD cannot implement their grand Utopian fantasy.  For the PSD to succeed, they must destroy the freedom and liberty of the individual.  To accomplish this in America, you must destroy the Constitution and disarm the population.

The PSD don’t really care about the murder of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Rather, they see it as an opportunity to push their subversive agenda just a little farther. 

The PSD are smart.  They take little steps, slowly inserting their propaganda into our schools, our media, and into our government.  While they are working their subversive scheme they ply us with pretty words, never meaning what they say. 

The fight is about the Constitution and the founding principles it and the Declaration of Independence lay out.  No matter how one feels about the issue of guns in America, every American must defend and protect the Constitution, for if we fail, we will no longer be free to live our lives and fulfill our God-given destinies.

The Constitution is more than a yellowing piece of parchment as the PSD suggest.  It is the foundation of our freedom and the blueprint for a limited government that, according to the Declaration of Independence, “derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.”

This is perhaps the most important phrase in the founding documents.  This single phrase states simply and clearly that it is all about us — the citizen, the individual.  It is this phrase, coupled with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, that gives us power over our government, not, as the PSD believes, the government having the ultimate authority over us.

The president and his PSD cadre of crooks, cronies, and communists, think they have the ultimate power over us.  If we continue to let them usurp the powers granted to us, they will continue until we have no power to resist.

With every proposal, every order, the president and his gang are stealing what is ours.  With every speech, proposal, or order, they dismantle the Constitution piece by piece until his “fundamental transformation” is complete and Americans are serfs and vassals to the ubiquitous government.

As my friend Russ Schach wrote in a guest post, the operative word in the Constitution is NO

It is time for Americans to stand up and just say NO to our government.

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”  ~Thomas Paine 

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4 responses to “It’s About the Constitution, Not Guns

  1. You are of course aware that former president Bush and his gang subverted our constitutional rights as per the 4th, 5th, 9th and 14th amendments. We’ve lost those rights and this president hasn’t restored them so it’s gonna be a long road ahead and unfortunately I don’t know if having our guns will save us.

    • Thanks for the comment. Indeed, presidents have been subverting our rights at least since Lincoln when he suspended habeas corpus. Also, even George Washington violated the 9th and 10th amendments during the the Whiskey Rebellion. I agree it is going to be a long fight. However, without the right to keep and bear arms there will be no fight at all — literally or figuratively.

  2. Many people still think that the economy or Iran is the biggest problem we face. Not by a long shot!
    This is not about Republicans vs. Democrats. And it’s not just about guns and the Second Amendment. It’s about American values, free enterprise, and individual liberty vs. socialist dreams and every twisted un-American idea the Left holds dear. The PSD gang adhere to the latter; their ignorant followers also buy the agenda, although unwittingly for the most part.
    As Alden points out, there PSDs have an evil attitude. At some point, the question of sincerity doesn’t matter — because they’re going to take everything from everyone to bring about (as they see it) a government-centered society of needy people while saving the world and saving all you poor, misguided slobs from your sorry little collective lives, by whatever means necessary, no exceptions.
    Anybody who thinks this is b.s. or crazy talk is a fool — just what the PSDs desperately want and need. Which wouldn’t bother me in the least if this dreamy empowerment weren’t helping those tyrants put us all in chains.
    THE NEXT SMALL STEP: eliminate the Electoral College — an effort that is well under way and gaining steam. That would bring about a direct democracy — exactly what the Constitution’s framers feared most. That would make every Presidential Election nothing more than a self-fulfilling political exercise in power coalitions and mob majorities, not representative government or self-determination.
    That’s precisely what was done with the 17th Amendment (changing the election process of U.S. senators). Just one cruel hoax among many.
    The next FDR — near-permanent rule by one all-powerful demigod — may not be Obama, but it will happen again if the PSDs keep running the show and getting their way. And that will serve nobody but the elites, no matter how you categorize them.
    Your freedom is about to be toast — unless enough Americans find their minds, their principles, and their backbones. Fast.

  3. Who Needs More Than 10, and For What?
    The Constitution is quite clear on the right for a well regulated Militia to keep and bear arms. Only since 2008 and Scalia’s strained logic (Heller) is this right unconnected from a Militia.

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