Hypocrites, Liars, and Murderers

By Alden L. Benton

How do you know when a progressive-statist, i.e. a Democrat, is lying?  Their lips are moving.

Since the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, progressive-statists have been beating the drums for disarming America “to protect the children.” 

Don’t be fooled.  These conniving jackals don’t give a rat’s patoot about children.  All they want is power.

Follow this link to Freedom Outpost and read the vile comments by former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, a Democrat (of course), about the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Rendell exposes, with world-class callousness and insensitivity, the height and depth of progressive-statist hypocrisy.

According to Rendell, referring to the murder of 20 children,

“The good thing about Newtown is, it was so horrific that I think it galvanized Americans to a point where the intensity on our side is going to match the intensity on their side.”


What good is there in the murder of 20 children?  There is no possible gain for anyone, or for ANY cause, in the murder of 20 innocent children by any means.  NONE!

We must never forget the victims of this senseless massacre.  However, we should not become senseless and unfeeling either.

While the progressive-statists wring their hands and shed false tears over the victims of Sandy Hook, they hope you don’t remember the 40-year child- murder spree they continue to perpetrate on America — Abortion.

In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade [410 U.S. 113 (1973)] that abortion was legal in the United States. 

The progressive-statists celebrate this ruling as a cornerstone for women’s rights.  To conservatives, the Roe v. Wade decision is no more than a license for promiscuity, and a license to murder the innocent victims of it.  In the warped, hedonistic world-view of the progressive-statist, actions have no consequences.

The Pro Life Action League website reports that,

“According to the Guttmacher Institute, there were 1.21 million abortions performed in the United States in 2008, the most recent year for which data is available.  This amounts to 3,322 abortions per day.”

There are more than 3,000 babies legally murdered every day; this while the progressive-statists worry about the 68 people who were victims of mass murderers last year.

In 2008, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) statistics report 16,442 murders, approximately 13,154 (80 per cent) were killed with a firearm — 36 people per day — nearly ten times less than the abortion murder rate.

In fact, according to the same FBI statistics, 750,335 people were murdered in the entire 38-year period from 1973 through the end of 2011, nearly half a million (449,665) less than the one-year abortion toll in 2008.

The progressive-statists celebrate the murder of more than a million children every year and expect us to believe they care about the 20 children murdered at Sandy Hook by a deranged gunman with a gun.

Their crocodile tears are merely a hypocritical mask for their ultimate agenda: disarm and control the American people.  This was the fear of the Founders and the raison d’être for the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

To the progressive-statist, 20 dead children are an opportunity; 1.2 million a year are inconsequential.  After all, you can never let a good crisis go to waste.

Liars, hypocrites, and murders — beware, their lips are always moving.

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2 responses to “Hypocrites, Liars, and Murderers

  1. No one tells it better than you do, Alden! Keep up the good fight!

  2. Alden is spot-on as usual. However, there is one angle that I am compelled to illuminate,
    Leftists are not simply manipulators and liars. They believe such behavior is their duty, and they love doing it. They do it casually and with great glee. It is second nature to them, and it’s how they prefer to conduct themselves. But even when they’re not consciously lying, they make an art of half-truths, twisted logic, completely false stories, and vicious, unmerited attacks. The devastation they cause, to lives and souls, isn’t of concern to them. Not in the slightest.
    Never forget this:
    The Progressive-Marxist religion is so powerful, it cancels out all other traditional and deep-seated beliefs and values, including religious ones. (Just one example: Joe Biden.)
    That sincerity applies to the top-ranking Leftist elites, their apparatchiks (professional media mouthpieces and background political whores), the hacks of education, union cohorts, the filthy rich (Leftist) corporate leeches, and the everyday delusional, ignorant, fools who usually call themselves Liberals.
    (A quick aside: Many Americans reject the Liberal label and most of their policies but also have largely internalized Leftist-think or ignore it with no real thought. Accepting and empowering immoral zealots is foolish and worse. If you voted for Obama, once or twice, for any reason — and you still can’t see the splatter on the wall — you’re part of the problem.
    BUT DON’T CONFUSE SINCERITY WITH LOVE OR COMPASSION. Hate is sincere, too, and that is the true specialty of Left-wingers, either intentionally or as dupes. Leftists don’t have real compassion, just softhearted squeamishness and fear of imagined discomfort — which makes them angry and bitter. When compassionate words come from their mouths, it’s either snickering deception or naivety compounded by intellectual deficiencies.
    LEFTISTS’ SINCERITY IS IN THEIR CAUSE — AND THUS IN THEIR OWN SELF-ANOINTED PURITY — leaders and followers alike. This is precisely why they believe (feel) that they have license to lie, cheat, and steal, dehumanize everyone in everything they touch, as well as commit debauchery, violence, and outright murder. All with a clear conscience (or so they tell themselves).
    Sometimes their deeds are done out of sight, in so-called health clinics or in political backrooms; and sometimes they are done right out in the open, as in staged protests, speeches, and classrooms.
    LEFTISTS SEE THEMSELVES AS ENLIGHTENED, PURE OF HEART, BECAUSE THEIR CAUSE IS PURE — THE ONLY REAL, ABSOLUTE TRUTH THAT EXISTS FOR THEM. So, they are noble, wonderfully untouchable agents of an enlightened cause, which by no accident is seen as nature’s consensus and the only way (the only way!) to engage a world that desperately needs saving … by them.
    All the suffering in the world (inequality and world inconveniences) cannot be tolerated — because LEFTISTS SEE THEMSELVES AS THE SOLUTION TO IT ALL. They truly feel that they can only fulfill their cosmic role as saviors of the meaningless world, If only those who stand in their way — you know, those who hold too much personal wealth or one gun or are just racists (dissenters).
    They, and only they, can save the world from violence and war, religion (others’ beliefs aren’t the true ones), unwanted babies, and from global warming, or cooling, or whatever.
    LEFTISTS SEE ALL DISSENTERS AS VERMIN. Because they see themselves as pure, anyone who dares to oppose or even question them is not pure. Adversaries in politics and theology are viewed with particular disgust because those two areas are the chosen canvas of Leftists’ power urge. Only believers have inherent worth. Others may gain acceptance, but only as willing stooges or cowardly vassals. (The term “useful idiot” brings Joe Biden back to mind).
    THUS, THE MEANS MERELY JUSTIFY THE END GAME. Otherwise, there are no rules.
    Have you noticed? In all matters that affect others, Leftists’ attitude is always: “Look at the temerity of those infernal upstarts who believe their lives belong to themselves, not the collective!” (An illustrative quote; but it’s literal truth, no mockery at all.)
    No surprise why the world must be cleansed from the ultimate infection: people. For Leftists, animals are innocent and a natural part of Mother Earth, but people are merely cruel accidents — except for the pure and enlightened ones: themselves!
    Since Leftists have no use for people, humanity and compassion are just beautiful, abstract ideas that turn into play-act examinations (the arts) and other affectations of hedonism worship.
    INDIVIDUALS HAVE NO WORTH EXCEPT THAT BESTOWED BY LEFTISTS. Forget pluralistic inclusion in the Utopia they are trying to build.
    THE CONSTITUTION? IT ONLY LIVES FOR LEFTISTS, and they’ve already empowered themselves to fundamentally change anything they see as defective. And … everybody is defective; everything in the world is defective.
    The collective — as in big government, and preferably one under a United Nations, and eventually no nations — is the only real sovereignty that makes any sense for them. And, by G … er, by Darwin … they will drag everyone under their dependent-entitlement, smothering blanket, as they take everything from everyone in the process, like it or not. And woe to anyone in their path.
    But never forget:
    Leftists are indeed sincere.
    Of course, it’s really only a philosophical point. The only thing that really matters is: You’re either with them or against them. In their pure heaven, if you’re not part of the central ruling committee, you will either be dismissed or discarded.
    Just think of all the voters that Leftists would have today if they had chosen to value life instead of eradicating it … with such sincerity.

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