Moral Decay, Guns, and Leftism — Thoughts on Current Events

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” ~Benjamin Franklin

By Alden L. Benton

Newtown Tragedy

My heart goes out to the parents, friends, and families of the victims in the Newtown massacre.  I am not a parent, so I will not even attempt to explain the sorrow that these people are suffering.  At the same time, I am angry.  I am angry that a crazed individual murdered 20 children and six faculty members in what should be a safe, nurturing place.

However, it is not within my capabilities to understand what could have driven that individual to perpetrate such unspeakable violence on innocents.

I am a Christian.  My faith asks that I forgive people like this individual.  I cannot.  In my limited understanding of Jewish law, murder is the only unforgivable sin because in their faith, forgiveness must come from the victim.  The victims of the Newtown murderer cannot forgive him, nor will I.

I have not mentioned the murderer’s name.  I refuse to say or write his name.  We must wipe any memory of this individual from our collective memory.  We must never utter his name again.  We must, however, remember his villainy, his evil, and find sane and rational means to protect our children, and ourselves, from people like him.

Gun Control

Democrats, and other left-leaning individuals, are clamoring to use the Newtown tragedy to put another piece of their anti-Constitutional agenda in place — the disarming of America.

The politics of not letting a good crisis go to waste sickens me.

I am a Constitutionalist.  Glenn Beck describes people like me who seek limited government within the constraints of the Constitution little “L” Libertarians to distinguish the philosophy from the political party.

As a Constitutionalist, I believe that the Constitution is, like the Ten Commandments, written in stone.  It says what it says and means the same thing all the time.  It can be amended.  However, the Constitution IS NOT a living, ever-changing document.

The left is hell-bent on destroying the Constitution and the liberties it guarantees.  They have no morals and will do anything to get their way.

The Democrats and the usual cadre of statists and communists are exploiting the Newtown tragedy for political gain.  They want to disarm us by dismantling the Second Amendment.  Their sole motivation is the promise of political gain and more control over society.  Their exploitation of the Newtown tragedy exposes their true intent, despite their emotional lamentations to the contrary.  The Democrats do not care about children.  All they want is control.

Because of this charade, the president and the Democrats are wrong in pushing for more measures to restrict firearms.  If you want to make people safer, then gun control is the wrong issue to address.

A gun is an inanimate object.  It is not moral or immoral.  It simply is.  A gun does not act on its own volition.  It takes human intervention to turn a gun into a tool to perpetrate evil.

Framing the issues raised by the Newtown murders around questions of gun control avoids the underlying issues of the tragedy.  The questions we should be asking are about mental health and the moral decay of American society.

However, these questions, like the Newtown victims, are of no use to the Democrats and the Left unless they can use them to advance their agenda.  The Democrats are using the emotions stirred by the senseless murder of 20 children to politicize an issue.  However, the Left cannot politicize the social and moral decay that their failed policies have created.  There is no political capital in failure.

We must reject their heated and inappropriate rhetoric.  We must stand back from our emotions and examine the true issues with a calm heart and reasoned mind.

Fiscal Cliff and Leftist Dogma

The world will not end on December 21, 2012.  However, for many Americans the end of their financial world is January 1, 2013.

If the president and House Speaker Boehner cannot reach an agreement before January 1, Americans will suffer the largest tax increase ever imposed.  These increases, which are in addition to a plethora of Obamacare taxes already in effect, will affect EVERY American in EVERY income bracket.

Especially onerous is the reinstatement of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).  The AMT will be retroactive to the current tax year creating a taxmageddon for which most taxpayers are unprepared.

The president and his cronies live in some sort of fantasy world where they think they can just print more money and hire more government employees (more than 70 percent of the previous quarter’s job creation were in the non-military government sector) and make everything all better.

Raising taxes will not make the ever-increasing $16 trillion debt go away.  Raising taxes with high unemployment rates and a stagnant economy teetering on the brink of depression is the wrong thing to do.  This trick never works, and never will.  So onward they press.  Raise taxes on the rich or let everyone pay more and more.

The trouble is, if you took every penny generated by the entire U.S. economy — every product, service, wage, investment, and savings — and used it to pay off the debt there would not be enough money to pay off the entire debt.

The so-called fiscal cliff, and the forced spending cuts that no one is talking about, is a creation of the government.  It is government irresponsibility and lack of prudent fiscal restraint that created this problem and we will wind up paying for it for generations, if at all.

It is time to say NO.  We have to cut up the government credit card, reduce spending, and start to live within our means.

However, the Democrats want no part of that.  Negotiating with them is futile.  The Democrats’ negotiation strategy starts with this is what I want and I won’t talk about anything less.  They hear no evil and see no evil, except Republicans and free citizens.

The Democrats believe that the more control government has over us, the better, so they don’t care if they drive the country off the cliff and into oblivion.

I have always said that the only way to make us all economically equal is to make us all equally poor.  The Obama administration is well on the way to that goal and the so-called fiscal cliff non-negotiations are doomed to fail no matter what compromises the Republican Party leadership offer.

For quite some time I have been critical of Speaker Boehner and his skills as a leader and negotiator.  However, for Speaker Boehner, the GOP, and the vast majority of Americans, the fiscal cliff negotiations are a no-win situation.

I can only hope that the GOP leadership in the House of Representatives will adhere to their principles and have the courage to stand firm when necessary for the well-being of the nation as a whole.

“…We cannot negotiate with those who say, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.”
~John F. Kennedy, 35th president of the United States 

“Negotiation is not a policy.  It’s a technique.  It’s something you use when it’s to your advantage, and something that you don’t use when it’s not to your advantage.
~John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

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3 responses to “Moral Decay, Guns, and Leftism — Thoughts on Current Events

  1. Very informative blog post.

  2. Wish congress would see your message!

    • Thanks Evelyn. Maybe you and your friends should forward the link to this post to your member of Congress and the two U.S. Senators from California. Not certain of the impact, but at least we’ve voiced our opinions. The internet and social media have become a powerful tool. I am a no-budget, one-man operation and yet I have global reach. In this day and age it is easy to organize and make ourselves heard. In this day and age we MUST make ourselves heard.

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