The Last Word before the Election

“Because power corrupts, societies demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.”  ~John Adams

By Alden L. Benton

The election begins tomorrow.  I will do my duty as a citizen of the United States of America and vote.  I will also spend my day serving the cause of a free and fair election as a precinct officer in my county.

I have spent the last 15 months blogging about politics and current events.  I hope my readers learned something from my posts, whether they fully agree with me or not.

I have not passed up an opportunity in more than 160 posts to assail the president’s actions and policies.  The President of the United States is the most important position in our government.  As John Adams suggests in the quote above, character and moral authority matter. 

Barack Obama has failed any conceivable test or measure of moral authority and character.

If you have followed this blog, you know that I did not originally support the candidacy of Mitt Romney.  However, the voters in the primaries did.

Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan are moral men of outstanding character.  They are a sharp contrast to the inept, corrupt, manipulating, and divisive leadership of Obama and Biden.

It is time for ALL Republicans, Libertarians, and anyone, of any party, who is tired of the president’s failed policies, to cast their vote for Romney-Ryan.

The nation has suffered enough.  Obama talks a good game, but has nothing to offer but the same tired bag of tricks that the Democrats and the political Left have tried many times before with the same dismal results.

I have spent the last four days studying and analyzing the ballot measures in my home state of California.  California is the poster child of the failed results of liberal-Leftist policies and programs.  The state has a $16 billion deficit but refuses to recognize the true nature of its problem.

California has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.  Of the 11 measures on the ballot tomorrow, all but two seek to either increase taxes or impose more regulations on the state’s residents.

It is time Californians wake up and take back their state, and their pocketbooks.  My recommendations for the California ballot measures are below:

Proposition 30-NO
Proposition 31 –NO
Proposition 32 –YES
Proposition 33 –NO
Proposition 34 –NO
Proposition 35 –NO
Proposition 36 –NO
Proposition 37 –NO
Proposition 38 –NO
Proposition 39 –NO
Proposition 40 –YES

John Adams also said, “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.”  I hope that I have lived up to his noble words with this blog and that through my words, and your actions, our liberty is more secure.

At the federal level, we need to bring government back under control of the people and the Constitution.  Electing the Romney-Ryan team, electing a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate will be a good start.  However, it will only be a start.

America faces a rough road ahead and some difficult choices must be made to ensure the survival of the greatest nation on the earth.

This all starts, or ends tomorrow, November 6, 2012, with your vote.  It is up to you to choose which direction we will go: to serfdom and servitude to the government, or the path to freedom and liberty.

I will close this election-eve post with two quotes from the founding era that are relevant today.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the gov’t to restrain the people.  It is an instrument for the people to restrain the government-lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”  ~Patrick Henry

“The Utopian schemes of re-distribution of the wealth…are as visionary and impractical as those which vest all property in the Crown.”  ~Samuel Adams

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One response to “The Last Word before the Election

  1. Thank you for all the great posts and for putting them in language we can understand! Bless you, Captain!!!

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