California Ballot Measures Part 5

“Man is not free unless government is limited.”  ~Ronald Reagan

By Alden L. Benton

With two days left until the election, the candidates are in full campaign mode and the airways cluttered with the half-truths and lies of campaign propaganda.

It is against this backdrop that I offer the final installment of my analysis and recommendations regarding the measures on the California ballot.

Below is a summary of my recommendations thus far:

Proposition 30         NO
Proposition 31          NO
Proposition 32          YES
Proposition 33          NO
Proposition 34          NO
Proposition 35          NO
Proposition 36          NO
Proposition 37          NO
Proposition 38          NO

Proposition 39

Proposition 39 is a Trojan horse — it says one thing but has a hidden agenda.

This measure eliminates one of two choices multi-state corporations have in calculating their California income tax.  This change will result in $1 billion in new revenues to the state.

This measure will not affect businesses that do business only in California.  This provision affects businesses that do business in areas beyond California.  Under Proposition 39, those businesses must calculate their state income tax based on the percentage of sales made in California.

So far, so good.  If a sale is made in California, it should be taxed in California.

However, Proposition 39 does not stop there.

The true agenda of Proposition 39 is not closing a tax loophole.  Rather, it is a backdoor attempt to increase state funding for our failing, inefficient, and dysfunctional school system.  Please read my analysis of Propositions 30 for my reasoning against increasing the taxpayer subsidy for schools.

Proposition 39 also earmarks money for the boondoggle of green energy.  These energy sources cannot compete in the energy marketplace unless they are heavily subsidized with taxpayer money.  Even with massive subsidies and guaranteed loans, all one has to do is look at President Obama’s favorite green crony capitalist firm Solyndra to see the scam that is subsidized green energy.

In tax year 2012-13, Proposition 39 will generate $500 million, in 2013-2014 and beyond, $1 billion per year. 

Green energy will only receive about $500 million per year for five years ($2.5 billion total) beginning in 2013.  The rest of the revenue will go directly to the state’s tax-supported, union schools. 

Schools will get an extra $5oo million a year for the first six years ($3 billion total) and an additional $1 billion per year after that.

California does not have a revenue problem.  It has a spending problem. 

California schools consume more than 50 per cent of the state’s revenue and produces students with the lowest test scores in the nation.  California schools do not have a revenue problem.  They have a quality problem.

It has been proven time and time again, that throwing more money at a problem, especially education, does not solve the problem.

As Ronald Reagan once said, “Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.”  It is time for Californians to close their purses and wallets and just say no to the ongoing scam of tax-supported boondoggles like schools and green energy.


Proposition 40

Every 10 years, after the census is complete, California redraws the boundaries of its Congressional districts, state Senate and Assembly districts, and state Franchise Board districts.  Until 2008, this was the responsibility of the state legislature.

In 2008 and 2010, Californians approved two ballot measures that created a non-partisan Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC).  The CRC has 14 members.  Of those 14 members, five are registered with the state’s largest political party, 5 members registered with the second largest political party, and four who are not registered with either of these parties.

According to the California Official Voter Information Guide, the CRC must use the following criteria when redrawing district maps:

When drawing new district maps, the State Constitution specifies that the commission may not consider political parties, incumbents, or political candidates. To the extent possible, the Constitution requires the commission to establish districts that meet the following criteria (listed in priority order):

  1. Are reasonably equal in population.
  2. Comply with the federal Voting Rights Act.
  3. Are geographically contiguous.
  4. Minimize the division of any city, county, city and county, local neighborhood, or local community of interest.
  5. Are geographically compact.
  6. Comprise Senate districts of two whole, complete, and adjacent Assembly districts.

Proposition 40 gives Californians an opportunity to accept (YES vote) or reject (NO vote) the CRC-proposed state Senate district maps.  The other district maps are not affected by this proposition.

If this measure is not approved by the voters,

The California Supreme Court would appoint “special masters” to establish new Senate district boundaries in accordance with the redistricting criteria specified in the Constitution. (In the past, the court has appointed retired judges to serve as special masters.) The court would certify the new Senate district boundaries. The new boundaries would be used in future elections until the commission establishes new boundaries based on the 2020 federal census.

The proposed state senate district boundaries are shown on page 131 of the California Official Voter Information Guide.

The state legislature was removed from the redistricting process because they created district boundaries to protect incumbents and maintain the majority party’s power.  That is gerrymandering. 

If Proposition 40 fails, the California Supreme Court will choose the people who will redraw the maps.

California voters created the CRC to minimize gerrymandering and political favoritism.  Do not give that power back to the politicians and the courts.


“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”  ~Ronald Reagan

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