Big Bird Pseudo Issue Nothing but Distraction

By Alden L. Benton

Big Bird is NOT dead and Mitt Romney is NOT trying to kill him. 

Mitt Romney is NOT attacking children. 

Mitt Romney is NOT trying to eliminate PBS, NPR, or the Sesame Foundation.

This is what the Democrats want you to believe.  Once again, they seek to distract us: from the truth, the real issues, and the president’s debate debacle.

First, the truth: Mitt Romney IS attacking and trying to kill corporate welfare.

Steve Sheldon reports on Clash Daily that

A quick search of the most recent Sesame Workshop IRS Form 990 (2010) will reveal that Big Bird and his buddies have a pretty nice balance sheet.  Does a corporation really need government subsidies when it owns a reported $30,024,016 in securities?  These securities include: $5.6M in “Hedge Funds,” $14.7M in “Fund of Funds,” and $9.7M in “Private Equity.”
In 2010, Sesame Workshop reported revenues of $133,042,300 and paid out $64,453,033 in salaries, other compensation, and benefits.  Of the reported income, $46,930,656 was from royalty income.  Big Bird, Ernie and Bert, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch and the gang really need your tax dollars to help get them through these tough times.

The taxpayers also subsidize the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).  According to Sheldon, “Of the near $460M in 2010 revenue to CPB, all but $11M was from government grants….”  

CPB also owns large amounts of publically traded securities.  “Their balance sheet listed $83,701,376 plus another $25,104,805 of ‘other securities’ which is later listed as ‘Promissory Note-Goldman Sachs,’” Sheldon said.

The real issue here is corporate welfare. The Sesame Foundation, CPB, and NPR will do quite well without taxpayer money.

Mitt Romney is right.  We need to slim down government so it consumes less of our money and no longer threatens the liberties guaranteed in the Constitution.

In the first presidential debate on October 3, Mitt Romney said,

I will eliminate all programs by this test: Is the program so critical it’s worth borrowing money from China to pay for it?  And if not, I’ll get rid of it.  Obamacare’s on my list.
(NPR full debate transcript and audio here)

Critical means providing for the security of the nation and the safety of its citizens.  Yes, the subsidies for Sesame Foundation, CPB, and NPR are a small part of federal expenditures, but they are unnecessary.  If we cannot cut small expenses, we will never be able to cut large ones.

Every dollar saved is a one dollar reduction in the federal deficit. 

Every dollar saved is one less dollar we have to borrow with interest. 

Every dollar saved reduces the national debt.

It is NOT about Big Bird, it is about the Democrats and the president’s failure to reign in their spending habits. 

It is time to take away the government’s credit card and heed Mr. Romney’s sound advice:

“I’m not going to keep on spending money on things and borrow money from China to pay for it.”

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