Looking Forward the Morning After

By Alden L. Benton

It is Tuesday, the day after the last long holiday of the summer — Labor Day.

Labor Day is the day to celebrate the workers who really did “build this,” the men and women who built, and are still building America. 

My father was one of those builders, and my brother served to defend what he and others built.  Though my work was considered “white collar, I contributed to the cause, the dream, that is America.

I believe in, and practice, the words of Benjamin Franklin who said, “Work as if you were to live 100 Years, pray as if you were to die tomorrow.”

However, many today scoff at the notion of hard work and prayer.  Religion is under attack, especial Christianity, and to the Left and their self-anointed leader, the ideals of hard work, success, and personal responsibility are more foreign than the bleak and barren landscape of the moon or Mars.

It is American labor that suffers the most.  I am not talking about the blood-sucking leeches of the public employee unions, I am talking about the men and women who grow your food, make your clothes, and deliver them to the businesses where you buy them. 

These people suffer — and the administration scoffs at them, burdens them with ever-increasing tax and regulatory burdens, and then lies about it.

The heart of America is its workers — they, along with small business, are the engine of our economy.  Get them working again and America will begin a great revival.

However, the Democrats and their beloved leader think that only government can create jobs.  The only jobs the government is able to create are more and more bureaucrats to administer and enforce more and more onerous, freedom-killing regulations.  These “jobs” do not add to the economy, they take from it, and like a parasite, they will eventually kill their host — America.

What the government can do for the economy and American workers is simple.  Get out of the way.  Streamline, or eliminate suffocating regulations and eliminate job-killing mandates like Obamacare. 

Business will not invest in America when the future of the economic, tax, and regulatory environment is uncertain.  Remove those uncertainties, and the economy will soar.

However, the ideology of the Democrats and the president blinds them.  They are like robots whose mantra is tax and spend; more government; spend more; regulate; eliminate.  It doesn’t work.  It isn’t working now and it never has.

The Democrats are stuck in a fantasyland, a Utopian pipe dream where a group of elites tell the rest of us what to do.  I hate to tell them, but all attempts at utopian schemes have failed.

We need jobs, not warm and fuzzy promises.  We need a leader, not an ideologue who would rather blame others than take responsibility for his own failures.

It is really quite simple — if you want to see more of the same failed policies destroy what is left of the America “we built,” vote for Obama.  If you want to restore America and drive it towards its rightful, God-given destiny, then vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and every other Republican on your ballot.

The future of the nation that “we built” with our labor rests upon the decision you make on November 6.

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©2012 Alden L. Benton/Independence Creek Enterprises
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