Threatening the President or a Distraction?

By Alden L. Benton

Does the bible threaten President B. Hussein Obama?  Apparently, the United States Secret Service thinks it does. 

According to posts on, Vision to, and a report on KENS5 television in San Antonio, Texas, the Secret Service, the agency whose mission, in part, is to protect the president, is investigating an anti‑Obama billboard (below) in Victoria, Texas, that quotes Psalm 109:8.

Pray for Obama Billboard. Photo from KENS5-TV in San Antonio, Texas.

What appears innocuous on the surface has piqued the interest of the Secret Service and irked some local residents, including a pastor.  The verse quoted reads, “May his days be few; may another take office!”  (English Standard Version)

Of course, the Left is screaming that the billboard is advocating violence against the president.  Horse hockey! 

The problem here is threefold: 1) the Left has a blind hatred for all things religious, especially Christian; 2) the Left disingenuously accuses everyone and every utterance of the right as inciting violence; and 3) they are woefully ignorant of the context of any religious text, especially the bible.

Local residents, including a minister, make the case that using scripture for political purposes is not appropriate. 

“Milton Neitsch Jr., who has lived in Victoria since 1961, says he didn’t intend for people to pick up on the hateful wishes of death and pain surrounding the tiny verse.

But some people say it is hateful and inappropriate.  They say it misuses the Holy Scripture and it must come down,” according to a post on Vision to America

In a civil society, people come together and discuss their problems, whether it is a town hall meeting or a family meeting.  This is what happened in Victoria,Texas. 

According to KENS5-TV in San Antonio, Texas, “Reverend Amy Danchik started a petition demanding Neitsch take down the sign.  They’ve since met and Neitsch and agreed to replace the billboard.”

Problem solved.  Well, no.  Now the cowardly, anonymous, fear-mongering, cyber-terrorists of the Left have come out of the woodwork.

Reverend Danchik told KENS5-TV,

“‘He [Neitsch] shared with me a little about some of the threats that have come at his family, which is incredibly inappropriate, and in no way helpful and in no way how we’re called to react when we disagree with somebody,’ said Danchik.  ‘So I hope that those stop.  I hope that people will react with the graciousness that he has reacted with and leave his family alone.’”

Unfortunately, it won’t stop because the Left perennially stands ready to destroy, literally and figuratively, anyone, from an unborn child to an elderly religious businessman, who has the temerity, the audacity, to stand in their way or, gasp, disagree.

The Left proceeds with great zeal and little fact or connection to reality.  In this case, the Secret Service is wasting valuable resources on a witch-hunt to uncover some non-existent Christian conspiracy to kill the president. 

If anyone on the Left, especially the Secret Service, would have read the entire verse, and tried to understand it, it would become abundantly clear, even to a Democrat, that this is a non-issue.

The verse in question is but a small part of one of the Psalms of David.  David was the man God chose to lead Israel, and the verse describes his pleas, his prayer, to God to help him and punish his enemies who had falsely accused him, pursued, and attacked him.  It does not advocate that anyone perpetrate violence.

Here is the entire verse at Bible  Read it, meditate upon it, and decide for yourself if Mr. Neitsch, and the 3,000 year-old bible text he posted, threatened the president.

In reality, this issue is much ado about nothing.  It is nothing but another feeble attempt by the Left to distract us from the fact that their policies and programs have failed for more than 70 years.  

The Left thinks we are stupid enough to look at the bright shinny thing and blindly follow them as they lead us into chaos, destruction, and servitude. 


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