Flaming Pants and Pinocchio

By Alden L. Benton

Sometimes I wonder just how stupid the Democrats and their Left-leaning handlers and talking heads think we are. 

I realize that political campaigns in America have been nothing more than two schoolyard bullies spewing epithets at each other for a long time.  However, using the classic Lincoln-Douglas debates as a high point, the 2012 presidential campaign of the Obamacrats seems to sink to new lows almost daily.  

From calling Mitt Romney a murderer, a rapist, and a tax cheat to alleging Paul Ryan wants to destroy the Medicare-Social Security safety net for seniors and arguing over who is a better Catholic — Ryan or Biden — is just too ludicrous to be taken seriously.  The trouble is that the Obamacrats take everything seriously, so there must be some other reason for this absurd Kabuki theater song and dance. 

The answer is quite clear — distraction.

For all but the most devoted or deranged Obamanista, the United States economy is in shambles, and is showing scant signs of recovery.  The national unemployment rate is still 8.3 per cent, obscenely high for what the president keeps insisting is a recovery.  In fact, the unemployment figures would be far worse, some say more than double the current numbers, if the government did not manipulate the figures.

The warm and fuzzy feelings of the vague rhetoric of the Obamacrats 2008 campaign have vaporized as people have awakened to the lies and now realize that Obama has shortchanged them.

As I have said in previous posts, liberals cannot win any factual argument.  Failing any factual arguments for their schemes, they fall back to two tired and worn techniques: personal attacks and lies, both of which do nothing but distract us from what to Obamacrats must be the ugly, inconvenient truth — their policies are abject failures.

Enter the latest distraction.

According to newsbusters.org, last week Obama campaign spokesman Stepanie Cutter told MSNBC “over the past, you know, 27 months we’ve created 4.5 million private-sector jobs.  That’s more jobs than in the Bush recovery (or) in the Reagan recovery.”

Really!  Someone at better find Ms. Cutter a fire extinguisher to put out the flames consuming her pantsuit as she accepts the Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire award.

Investor’s Business Daily immediately responded and debunked this blatant lie in an editorial.  According to the editorial, “…you don’t have to look very hard to see that Cutter, as Obama might say, is ‘just making stuff up.’” 

Since a picture, even after inflation, is worth a thousand words, here is a chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (via newbusters.org) comparing post-recession jobs growth in non-farm payroll and private sector growth under the Reagan recovery to the so-called Obama recovery.  The results are clear and would be even more dramatic if the fact the labor force under Reagan was one-third smaller been factored in, according to Newsbusters.

Reagan vs. Obama Post-Recession Job Growth
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics via Newbusters.org

In her song I Feel Lucky, Mary Chapin Carpenter wrote, “the stars may lie, but the numbers never do.”  Unfortunately, the Obamanistas lies would make Pinocchio’s nose grow so large Geppetto wouldn’t recognize him.

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One response to “Flaming Pants and Pinocchio

  1. It’s constantly amazing to me that so many people fall for the consistently destructive and dehumanizing ideas and the deception-based, embarrassingly juvenile, all-hate rhetoric and policies of Leftists (Democrats). And worst of all, just accept the shameless, empty propaganda so easily provable as flat-out lies.
    Unfortunately, conservatives in general and Republicans in particular often fall into the Leftist rhetoric trap and engage the always Dishonest Dishonorable Democrats in mostly empty “conversations” that rarely rise above the lowest common denominator, without an effective pursuit of truth. But for conservatives, it’s a lack of will and competence, not an intent to manipulate and deceive and destroy as is the case with Leftists.
    When so many generally sensible, basically decent “independent” everyday Americans — who often hold an appropriate contempt for the politicos, CEOs, and other elitists exhibiting such an indifferent, condescending disconnect from real people and real lives — fail to recognize or even begin to consider questioning such blatantly false (and often literally insane) claims and outrageous behavior, it’s difficult to have much confidence in the good sense and intellectual wisdom of Americans as a whole. Add a never-ceasing array of droolingly hateful attitudes — one of the fondly embraced bases of all Leftist rhetoric — and you have to wonder how so many people can stomach such bile much less swallow it. So easily and so often.
    It’s painfully clear that all left-wing fans (yes, all) are living life in a profoundly confused way, in a hopelessly irreparable delusion that they have claim to the term “liberal”; their understanding of “liberal” is pathetically empty if not non-existent, as is their intent on acting in accord with the idea whenever they come in contact with anyone who may disagree, even slightly, about even one of their absolutist-purist-intolerant ideas.
    Leftist leaders have contemptuously gamed the word liberal, eviscerated it so completely — and brainwashed so many people so thoroughly, for so long, with such glee — that the very idea of “liberal” is dead, dead, dead. Leftists have made it virtually impossible to be liberal; clearly rejecting it themselves as either a principle or a political tactic, and preventing anyone else from speaking its praise without being labeled a hypocrite or a milquetoast fool.
    If being “liberal” is what the people who claim the title describe it — open-minded, tolerant, and moderate (not extreme) — the real-world use of the word is totally irrelevant. It’s no longer desirable to left-wingers; and conservatives — who today actually embrace true liberal concepts and personal behavior as standards and goals — have no hope to gain any attention, or traction, in the marketplace of ideas by expressing them. Leftists don’t respect anything actually “liberal” as they apply to themselves (it doesn’t serve the secular utopia that is their very illiberal goal), and they don’t respect anybody who expresses ideas that comport with liberal democracy.
    What once were considered liberal ideas and words are simply no longer accepted in the political arena. Nobody wants to hear them; they’d rather be swept up in hyper-emotionalized, dumbed-down, sensational “public debates” for their own sake — or for the sake of sheer power — instead of serious, adult discussion or analysis, much less attempts at actual improvements. Thus, everybody is forced to take “hard” stands on nearly everything because it’s a time of hard principles. And so everybody is labeled as an extremist, by foes and friends alike.
    And that’s really why there is a “polarized” political-social-legal-financial civil war that is ripping America apart. That’s exactly what Obama, his cronies, and his fellow travelers have in mind, what they intend and what they are doing with great diligence and surgical precision.
    But there’s not a left-wing adherent alive (little guy or leader) who would ever admit that they started the fight with their Marxist-inspired total-perennial-warfare mindset. They’d never admit all this turmoil and the deepened problems themselves are their fault, stemming from their war on the founding ideas and principles of America, its civic and personal decency, and liberty itself. It’s Leftists’ hate, their lies, and their utter contempt for the world as it actually exists — with America always the cause of all the world’s problems, the Great Satan. Hmmm, no wonder Leftists so love hearing Iran’s Mahmoud Amadinejad speak, especially at an American university. And no wonder Leftists see no danger whatever to the West (which created the benefits-rich civilization they love so dearly yet hate so much); nor do they see any imminent and persistent danger to the safety of the entire world — nor to just plain human decency — from any source, including the one in their magically veiled mirror.

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