By Alden L. Benton


I have spent my entire adult life working with words as a writer, an editor, and for the last year, a blogger.  Communication, either spoken or written, is the essence of being human and the foundation of civilization.

Words are the essence of communication and for communication to be effective, words must have distinct meanings, definitions, which are understood by all who speak the same language.

In my August 23, 2012 post I talked about promises and integrity.  Words, and their definitions, are a major component of the foundation of integrity; that is saying what one means and doing what one says.

In what laughably masquerades as political discourse of the last 50 years, the discussion has devolved into a quagmire of ad hominem (personal) attacks, lies, name calling, and re-definition of words to attain all too often nefarious ends.

Only by understanding the true definition of words can one spot the false, manipulative use of those same words.  To that end, in this and subsequent posts, I offer the true definition of frequently misused political terms.  Armed with facts and truth one will always be victorious.  This is why the Left continually redefines words to suit their purpose, constantly engages in ad hominem attacks on the character of their opponents, and constantly lies to distract from their dearth of facts.  As Bill O’Reilly once said in an interview with the late Tim Russert, “They [the Left] can’t beat me with facts, so they attack me personally.”

The first definition I want to put forth is conservative. Conservative is not a new term, in fact, its origin is some 2,500 years old and can be traced to Aristotle.

According to Benjamin Wiker in his book 10 Books Every Conservative Must Read, to be conservative one must believe that political life and morality are natural, not man-made.  Additionally, human beings are not infinitely malleable and morality is objective, not subjective, and puts limits on what humans can and should do.

Conservatives look at the world as it is not how they would like it to be and value respect experience over theory as abstract theory is divorced from experience.

Wiker goes on to state that for conservatives, experience and knowledge go together and that the foundation of society stems from the male-female union — the family.  From the family comes a village and from the village a city.  It takes a family to raise a child, not a village.

“Liberals see no problem with reconstituting a nation’s political life on the basis of some attractive but untried rational scheme used as a template to draw up programs of ‘hope and change,’” according to Wiker.

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3 responses to “Words

  1. Two blogs in a row! Hope this means that you have acquired a computer!

  2. Jerry a. Peterson Jr.

    Amen Alden, more facts less nasty. I hope the debates will practice those courtesies. i always enjoy your writing . thanks jerry

    • Thanks for the compliment. When I began this blog 13 moths ago, I was determined to talk about issues and actions in a courteous, educated manner to provide factual commentary without resorting to the personal, nasty attack tactics used by the Left. I hope I am succeeding.

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