AWOL, Gunsmoke, and Binary Numbers

By Alden L. Benton

AWOL — a military acronym meaning Absent without Leave.  Alas, this has been my fate in the blogosphere since I last posted a month ago.  Thanks to a catastrophic computer failure, I now know how it is to live like a unionized public school teacher with three months of summer vacation.

However, the world is not safe.  Thanks to my friend Bruce Fisher, and the temporary loan of his laptop, I will be able to post and update my other features at least once a week until I am able to secure new equipment.

In the last three and a half years, AWOL has taken on a new, and for the nation, unpleasant meaning — Absent Without Leadership.

President Obama is the most visible AWOL, but he is not alone. The Democrat-controlled Senate has not even bothered to submit a budget even when the Democrats controlled both the Senate and the House.

Instead, the Democrats mumble and stumble and react with venom and self-serving horse hockey.  Not that the Republicans have been shining examples of stellar leadership, but at least they see the precipitous slope we are sliding down and the consequences of ignoring it.

This election is not about Romney and Obama. It is about the future of America and how we want that future to be.

When I was growing up in the 1950s, my television diet consisted mainly of westerns. Now that I am older and, hopefully, wiser, I realize that those shows were 30 minute (at least until The Virginian aired with 90 minute episodes) morality plays where good and evil were clearly delineated and good always triumphed.

In a way, that is what this election is about.  Do we want to elect the people who will preside over the decline and fall of America — the political left represented by the Democrat Party and their poster child B. Hussein Obama — or do we want to elect the people who will preside over the restoration of America as a land of freedom, opportunity, and liberty.

It is up to you, the voters to decide who is wearing the black hat and who is wearing the white hat.  It is really that simple; a binary, one or zero, choice.

Choose well, the future is in your hands in November.

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One response to “AWOL, Gunsmoke, and Binary Numbers

  1. Right on, Alden!! Have missed you! Ev

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