Healthcare Bait and Switch

By Alden L. Benton

Like many Americans, I woke up early this morning and turned on the television to listen to the news.  However, today proved to be anything but ordinary.

Today, the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) announced their decision on whether Obamacare is constitutional.  From what I could glean from the fog and confusion surrounding the live reporting of a breaking news event, SCOTUS has, with some restraints, let Obamacare stand.

In the coming days I will analyze the 150-plus page ruling and attempt to make sense of it and what it means to the average citizen.

The decision, however, has made one thing perfectly clear: President Obama and the Democrat Party are deceivers and liars.

True to the stereotypical image of a sleazy salesman, President Obama and his minions in the Democrat Party concocted this gargantuan piece of unworkable, unaffordable legislation and then couched it in the sugar-coated rhetoric of hope and change to try and sell it to the American public.

All through the 16-month presidential sales campaign, the president repeated the same mantra again, and again: Obamacare will reduce the deficit; your premiums will not increase; you can keep your plan; you can keep your doctor; and, it is NOT a tax.

Since the passage of Obamacare, ALL of these claims have been proven to be false — in fact, they are bald-faced lies purposefully put forth as part of a massive bait-and-switch scam perpetrated on the American people.

In fact, based on the reports I heard this morning, the only thing that saved Obamacare is the government’s claim that it IS a tax and thus constitution under the authority granted to Congress to levy and collect taxes.

However, the fact SCOTUS held Obamacare constitutional does not legitimize it or set it in stone.

America must wake up and recognize that it has been manipulated by a skilled liar who gamed the legitimate constitutional process from the start.

For the president and the Democrats, Obamacare has never been about healthcare — it has been about power and control over one-eighth of the economy and more than 300 million lives.

The healthcare system in the United States needs adjustment.  However, to fix it we do not need to destroy the parts that have given us the best healthcare system in the world.  Fix what is broken and leave the rest alone.

Come November we must remember who perpetrated this scam and remove them from power.  No Democrat running for office should remain standing.  In addition to the presidency, the entire House of Representative and one-third of the Senate are up for election.

If a candidate has a (D) behind their name, vote for someone else. If they claim an (I) or an (R), beware of charlatans and frauds.  However, in the end, remember who lied, maneuvered, and spent us to the edge of insolvency.  More than 95 per cent of the culprits have one thing in common — a (D) behind their name.

The only way to repair and restore our great nation is to rid ourselves of the divisive and destructive influence of the politics of the Left as embodied and promulgated by the Democrat Party.

Only then will we have a strong and healthy America that is poised to reclaim its rightful place as a beacon of hope among the nations of the world.

Without America there is no free world.  Our freedom, future, and our country depend upon how Americans vote in November.  I pray to God that they are not tricked again by pretty words and make the right choice.

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