Stuck on Stupid Update — Tran Truancy Tossed

By Alden L. Benton

Yesterday I reported the tale of bureaucratic insanity and insensitivity  regarding the jailing of 17-year old straight‑A honor student Diane Tran for missing 18 days of school. 

In addition to school, Tran works one full-time and one part-time job to help her father support her, her brother and sister.

Fox News reports today that under intense public pressure, the pompous gasbag who jailed Tran dismissed the charges against her.  

A court clerk to Fox News that once Tran files the proper paperwork with the court, her record will be expunged.

Since yesterday, the Louisiana Children’s Education Alliance has raised an additional $20,000 for Tran, bringing the total to $90,000.

Even in a system mired in stupidity, the voice of reason — in this case the voice of average Americans — eventually prevails.

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One response to “Stuck on Stupid Update — Tran Truancy Tossed

  1. Bureaucracy, by its nature, means dulled minds trying with halfhearted mediocrity to foul all responsibility and integrity while degrading literally everybody’s humanity, and being indifferent to indignant at any hint of criticism. Bureaucracy always grows beyond its purpose, beyond its ability to handle mounting complexities and difficulties, and beyond its ability to achieve anything close to the productive goals for which it was founded.
    The only possible and fully certain results of any bureaucracy — whether government or the private sector — are stupidity, gargantuan inefficiency, and rampant incompetence.
    The public school system has become one of the best examples.
    Just one, simple, obvious problem area: The number of public school days per year keeps dropping — year after year, for all sorts of reasons, not just budget problems. Most districts in Southern California have had about 180 days per year of instruction. But it’s not unusual now to see the school year shrink quickly and dramatically, deflating into a weak shadow of its traditional status — down to 175 days, and even 168, in the Ventura Unified School District (a move approved in July 2011).
    Worst of all, our houses of education — almost all of them, from the lowest level to the highest — are filled with with arrogant, out-of-touch, politically correct, and educationally befuddled administrative goons who have forgotten what education actually is, and who no longer care about anything but their warped ideas and bloated methods. Oh yes, and collecting more and more money.
    This is the truth of it, at the root of the institutions, at the core of the concepts of education, not simply a lack of professionalism at the personal level, witnessed here and there with little effect on the whole. No, this is the now the whole, hulking animal that it is. The stark proof is in the results of their work over the past 150 years — and in all the insufferable incidents we keep seeing in the news, whether they are related to education itself or the personal-culture arena. Prima facie proof that public education in America has been run into the ground by the government-run and politics-directed approach. Annihilation looms. How long will we keep putting up with it all?
    Someday, hopefully very soon, a significant number of people will realize that children are not only missing very little whenever they don’t attend public school that day, or that week; when they do attend, they are being subjected to profound damage done to their minds and to their personal character. Americans should reject the government-run (and ruined) schools altogether. Tell the government to get the bleep out of Dodge when it comes to the education of our children, and ourselves. To all the worshipers of state-centered do-gooderism, vamoose! We can handle it ourselves, and we don’t want your help, much less the hindrances of your destructive ways.
    Clearly, it’s time to reclaim education — for the people, by the people, as individuals. For far too long, Americans have been being pushed further and further aside, stepped on until children are more like collective robots mangled by our so-called caretakers than the dynamic achievers and citizens they can be.
    It’s time to arrange for all schools to be independently run, privately funded, and locally controlled — in all aspects, especially regarding goals, policies, pay, and conduct of students and teachers. Not one iota of government involvement: no policies that are intrusive, arbitrary, abusive, and contrary to educational needs and purposes; no directives or actions that are harmful to students and families; no outlandish and irrelevant classroom instruction — especially no politically motivated indoctrination about history, climate change, or political figures; no dictates or strong-arming regarding classroom content and district funding; no degradation of students by action or inaction; no abdication of protections for students; no insults flung in faces of parents; no corruption forced upon parents or local school officials by power-mongering outsiders; no more piracy (meaning not one cent in fees and no taxes — ever); and no more skunk-odor propaganda about how much good government can do, or how government agents of all kinds think they know so much better than “the little people” do about what’s good for us and our families.
    Of course, the solution takes some time and personal effort — a great deal now, and then constantly, vigilantly. Aye, that’s always the rub with liberty — our American legacy, if we can keep it.

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