Change We Can’t Live With

By Alden L. Benton

In the 2008 campaign candidate Obama promised us hope and to fundamentally change America. 

It is as plain as day to everyone, except the automatons on the far left, that the fundamental changes Obama has initiated are destructive and have brought despair rather than hope to an increasing number of Americans.

Obama, along with his cadre of crooks, cronies, and communists, have shredded the Constitution and the principles embedded in the Declaration of Independence.  If his policies are extended to their logical end, we will live not in the great republic that is the United States of America, but in a totalitarian state where there are no rights except those that the mastermind grants at his pleasure.  And, like all tyrants throughout human history, the rights granted can be rescinded at any time, without warning or due process.

All hail King Obama I.  B. Hussein Obama is no better than King George III.  In case you don’t remember your American History lessons, we fought a war to free ourselves from far less tyranny than we suffer now — The American Revolution.

Every day I receive dozens of emails and scan reams of web pages.  Every day I read of more corruption, more deceit, and ever-increasing onslaughts on, and atrocities perpetrated against, our civil liberties, Constitutional limitations on the power of government, and the rule of law.

While Obama and the crackpots and dunderheads in Congress are easy targets, and indeed we must usher in a regime change, we must also seek and destroy all vestiges of statism.

Statism is the foundation of the political Left.  The fundamental principle of statism is that humans cannot be trusted to run their own lives and that all human and civil rights are derived not from God, but from government and those who control it.  Statism is the antithesis of liberty and freedom.

Statism is also contrary to the principle of the rule of law as instead of the certainty and inherent fairness and equality of an equal application of the law; statism is capricious and subject to the whims of the beloved leader.

Our freedom is based upon the rule of law, individual rights, and limited government; all of which are outlined in, and guaranteed by, the Constitution.  The statists, led by Obama and his fellow travelers, are hell bent on destroying these basic principles.

It is in the anti-human, anti-liberty, anti-freedom godless principles of statism where the ultimate danger to our continued existence as a free, powerful, and prosperous nation lies.

If the United States fails to remain the last best hope for freedom, the rest of the globe will follow into the abyss of an economic, and social, dark ages from which it may never again escape.

The decisions we make in November will not only chart the course for the United States, but perhaps for the future of the human race. 

Choose wisely and pray to God that enough of our fellow citizens make the right choice for the choice is simple: freedom and prosperity or slavery.

“Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.”
~Winston Churchill

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  1. Keep the good stuff coming!

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