Comments on Current Events

By Alden L. Benton

Requiem for a Heavyweight

Conservative blogger and crusader Andrew Breitbart died Thursday.  He was 43 years old.  Known for his tireless fight against the corruption of the Left in big government and elsewhere, Breitbart showed no fear in challenging both the status quo and those in power.  If conservatives showed only half of Breitbart’s courage and dedication, we could marginalize the Left to the point of being superfluous.  We need to pick up the fight where Andrew Breitbart left off and finish it once and for all.


The president seems willing to do anything, including violating the law, to repay his union backers.  According to a story in the Washington Free Beacon, “The Obama administration has awarded $341 million in loans to the Freelancers Union—a small organization with deep progressive ties whose board members have donated more than $11,000 to Democrats—despite a law suggesting the union should not be eligible for such a loan.” 

The “loan” to the Freelancers Union amounts to nearly three times the size of their $120 million annual budget.  Even a blind man could see such obvious deceit and corruption.

The loans, the largest of which went to the Freelancers Union, are intended to assist healthcare cooperatives become viable alternatives to private insurance companies.  The law limits who may receive loans and “…forbids organizations that issued health insurance before July 2009 and for-profit organizations from receiving loans.”

According to the story, “Membership in the union is free.  The organization covers costs through commissions on benefits bought by members.  But members of the union own the Freelancers Insurance Company, a for-profit organization—and have since 2008.”

So much for the rule of law.  Everyone in the Obama administration swore to uphold the law and the Constitution.  I wouldn’t buy a used car from Obama and his team of crooks, cronies, and communists, and I certainly hope Americans come to their senses and put him out to pasture in November

Not the Time to Repeal Obamacare

The Hill reported yesterday that “Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) told his colleagues this week that he does not want to vote again on repealing President Obama’s healthcare reform law until after the November elections.”

McConnell reportedly said this last Tuesday before the Senate turned down an amendment striking down the mandate that all insurance provide coverage for abortion services and contraceptives.  As I wrote in yesterday’s post (Time to Turn Down the Rhetoric), the amendment failed along party lines with four Democrats and one Republican voting against their party’s stance.

In order to ensure the elimination of the Obamacare abomination, Republicans must gain control of the Senate, keep control of the House, and win the White House in November.  Anything less, a Supreme Court decision notwithstanding, will ensure the survival of the Obamacare beast.

Republicans have strong campaign issues: The economy, unemployment, rising gasoline prices, creeping inflation, and overt corruption in everything the Democrats touch.  Trust the voters.  They understand that even if Congress managed to pass legislation repealing Obamacare, the president would veto it and there are not enough votes in the Senate at this time to override his veto.

Message to Republicans: Keep your eyes on the prize, and that is winning control of Congress and the White House.  Then we can eliminate the program and repair the damage Obama and his minions have brought upon us.

Still a Long Road

The race for the Republican Party nomination is far from over.  Don’t let the talking heads, party insiders, and beltway elites tell you what to think.  There is no clear winner at this stage of the campaign and primary season.

Here are the current delegate totals as of March 1, 2012, according to the Wall Street Journal.  It takes at least 1,144 delegates to win the nomination.

  • Mitt Romney: 168 delegates (14.7 per cent of the delegates necessary to secure the nomination.)
  • Rick Santorum: 86 delegates (7.5 per cent of the delegates necessary to secure the nomination.)
  • Newt Gingrich: 32 delegates (2.8 per cent of the delegates necessary to secure the nomination.)
  • Ron Paul: 19 delegates (1.7 per cent of the delegates necessary to secure the nomination.)
  • Jon Huntsman: 2 delegates (0.18 per cent of the delegates necessary to secure the nomination.) Note: Jon Huntsman has withdrawn from the race.

The next contest is March 3 when Washington Republicans caucus.  There are 43 delegates available there.  

Tuesday, March 6 is Super Tuesday when caucuses in three states (Arkansas, North Dakota, and Idaho) and primaries in seven states (Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and Vermont) will select 437 delegates.

Open Border

Federal law makes it a crime to come into the United States without some sort of visa or other official permission.  Contrary to what the Left would like you to believe, that is the right of any sovereign nation.

The U.S. Department of Justice enforces those laws through various agencies such as the Border Patrol, and Customs and Border Protection.  Everyone in the DOJ is sworn to uphold the law, at least that is the theory.  It seems no one told Attorney General Holder that.

CNS News reports that “About 77 percent of the 327,577 illegal aliens caught along the Mexican border by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) during fiscal 2011 were not prosecuted, according to government data analyzed by the office of [Texas] Rep. John Culberson.”  Moreover, when an illegal immigrant is prosecuted, the average time served in the busiest sectors along the southern border is, according to the Border Patrol Chief, “… generally two to three days.”

This is not the way to secure our borders from criminals and would-be terrorists.  Agents along the border risk their lives everyday facing violent criminals smuggling drugs and/or humans across the border.  Considering how cozy Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has become with Iran, some of those attempting to cross the border could be Iranians disguised as Mexicans.

With a 77 per cent release rate (“home before dinner”), a 23 per cent prosecution rate, and an average sentence upon conviction of two to three days, why do we bother?  The men and women on the border are doing their jobs; it is time the rest of the DOJ does their job as well.

Individual Mandate Overwhelmingly Unpopular

According to a USA Today/Gallup Poll reported in The Volokh Conspiracy via the Washington Times, “…that nearly three quarters of Americans, including 56% of Democrats and 54% of those who think “the healthcare law is a good thing,” believe the individual mandate to be unconstitutional.”

The question now is whether the justices on the Supreme Court will strike down only this provision of the Obamacare legislation or “sever” the mandate, leaving the rest of the law stand.  One can only hope the justices have all thoroughly read the Constitution and understand the intent of the Framers while having their ears and minds open to the overwhelming will of the people.  To do otherwise risks a severe backlash from the people.

© 2012 Alden L. Benton/Independence Creek Enterprises
All Rights Reserved


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