Climate Bullies Seek to Censor ‘Deniers’

By Alden L. Benton

Censorship and hysteria are alive and well in the radical environmental movement and your local weather man or girl is next on their hit list.

In the ubiquitous, but loathsome manner of all Leftists, the enviro-radicals have targeted any weather forecaster who does not agree with them.

According to an article in The Daily Caller, global warming activists have “launched a campaign to recruit local weathermen to hop aboard the alarmism bandwagon and expose those who are not fully convinced that the world is facing man-made doom.”

This extremist agenda is nothing more than blatant censorship of ideas that run contrary to their radical agenda. 

The advancement of knowledge is only attained through vibrant, even heated discussion of the issues.  Those issues must be girded by facts and figures obtained through honest and forthright scientific endeavors.

The attempts of these enviro-radical charlatans is fueled solely by dogma and hatred — hatred of anyone or anything that disagrees with them.  In this instance, they label their enemies “deniers.”

According to article, “So far, the campaign has identified 55 ‘deniers’ in the meteorologist community and are looking for more.  They define ‘deniers’ as ‘anyone who expressly refutes the overwhelming scientific consensus about climate change: that it is real, largely caused by humans, and already having profound impacts on our world.’”

According to The Daily Caller article, the enviro-radicals behind this onerous push to censor the free-flow of information are afraid because “… a 2010 George Mason University survey… found that 63% of television weathermen think that global warming is a product of natural causes, while 31% believe it is from human activity.”

Like any other Leftist who finds his or her fantasies challenged, they resort to threats, coercion, and other odious tactics to force their warped perceptions on the rest of us.

They used to call campaigns like this witch hunts. If the roles were reversed, the Left would call it a hate crime.

Write to the management of your local television station and support your local forecaster in his or her quest to bring you timely and accurate information based upon proven science and facts and drive one more nail in the coffin of the radical Left.

© 2012 Alden L. Benton/Independence Creek Enterprises.  All rights reserved.


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