By the Numbers

By Alden L. Benton

When things are reduced to their most simple form, they are easier to understand.  In politics, one must look beyond the hysterics, hype, and lies, to what effects you.  In turn, the things that affect you, affect us all. 

The best way to keep things simple is with numbers.  So let’s look at some  important numbers.

Business Insider released “the final, pathetic growth number for 2011.”  The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States grew only 1.7 per cent in 2011. 

Investor’s Business Daily reports:

  • “The amount of money the federal government hands out in direct payments to individuals steadily increased over the past four decades, but shot up under Obama, climbing by almost $600 billion — a 32% increase — in his first three years.”
  • “According to the Census Bureau 49% now live in homes where at least one person gets a federal benefit — Social Security, workers comp, unemployment, subsidized housing, and the like.  That’s up from 44% the year before Obama took office.”
  • “This year, more than 46 million (15% of all Americans) will get food stamps.  That’s 45% higher than when Obama took office, and twice as high as the average for the previous 40 years.”
  • “ObamaCare will add 16 million people to Medicaid, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and another 24 million will be getting coverage through heavily subsidized government-run insurance exchanges, with the cost of those subsidies running $130 billion a year.
  • In just nine years, entitlement spending is on track to eat up 61% of the federal budget, according to the CBO.  And unless these programs are cut back, they will soon consume all federal taxes, one CBO budget scenario predicts.”

Numbers don’t lie, but politicians do.  Despite the obfuscation, vitriol, and bloviation, the issues are clear.  The question all Americans must ask themselves is “Can we afford four more years of Obama?”

The choices are clear: life, liberty, or Obama.

© 2012 Alden L. Benton/Independence Creek Enterprises.  All rights reserved.


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