Who Should Be the Republican Candidate for President in 2012?

Are you smarter than the opinion polls?

What do you think? Who should be the Republican Party candidate to face President Obama in the 2012 election? Register your vote in my straw poll below.  This poll will close a week from its post date.


2 responses to “Who Should Be the Republican Candidate for President in 2012?

  1. Note: I did not vote. I’m more confused today, than I was to begin with!! I have voted for Perry, Cain and Gingrich in the past and never for Romney. However, he might just get the vote????? There was mention of Jeb Bush today, and I like what he has done and what he represents. But, would the mass vote for another Bush? Maybe, not. Just because he is a Bush!!! My favorite, still is Huckabee. I knew about him when he was Governor of AR and liked him, then.

  2. Confusion about the candidates is understandable because they have created confusion out of what should have been a clear mission: expose Obama’s ineptness, the corruption of his loopy-zealot cronies, and the Democrats’ cluenessness about the economy (any economy!) — not to mention their unwavering, ultra-partisan dishonesty and dissembling.
    But there is no confusion about Michele Bachmann. She is, and has been since she was elected to Congress, a determined and feisty leader in constitutional principles, as well as battling Obama with intensity, and in getting every key financial vote right since the nation’s financial roof first came crashing in. Unfortunately, Bachmann is routinely ignored, snubbed, kicked, and dismissed — and that’s by Repbulicans! She’s the Rodney Dangerfield of the Republican presidential candidates, and she deserves far more respect and attention.
    Anybody who is looking for total perfection, ever, is missing the essence of politics, America, and human nature. But if you’re interested in consistent integrity, solid conservatism, and a bulldog determination, then I’d say Michele Bachmann rates serious consideration.
    Second choice: Rick Santorum. “Gulp” choice: Mitt Romney, but only because he’s the one viewed as most likely to beat Obama, on what most people baase their choice on in a toss-up: character and competency. But on that basis, too, Bachmann wins my vote.

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