Short Notes on Current Events

By Alden L. Benton

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Social Justice for Whom?

CNS News reports that Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) says the government “has a moral obligation to avoid budget cuts.”  Hiding his secular-statist philosophy by quoting Bible scripture in the company of clergy from various faiths, Rangel tipped his true world view when he called for “social justice.” 

Social justice is the warm and fuzzy code word the Left uses to repackage the core principle of Marxism: From each according to his ability; to each according to his needs.  In other words, social justice requires the redistribution of resources from the productive to the non-productive members of society. 

In the tired, divisive, tactics of the Left, Rangel is his cohorts wailed about how they will never let those evil Republicans abandon the poor. 

Putting our national fiscal house in order is NOT the equivalent of abandoning the poor.  In fact, not slashing spending is the moral equivalent of abandoning America, especially the poor. 

Thomas Jefferson once said, “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” 

No matter how they try to disguise it, this is what they really want.  It is time we re-discover the wisdom in Jefferson’s words and tell Representative 

Mitt’s Clueless Pandering to Muslims

A  article reports that Mitt Romney told an Iowa campaign event that the Muslims he knows are “peace-loving and America-loving individuals.”  

I don’t know how many Muslims he claims to know, but this whole “religion of peace” mantra is dangerous.  It appears Romney will say what any group wants to hear on any given day just so he can secure their vote. 

If Muslims are so peace loving, why do they continue to plot terror against the United States and Israel?  Why is the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) an unindicted co-conspirator in terrorist activities?  Why do Muslims murder their brethren in places like Afghanistan? 

Terror in Afghanistan by Massoud Hossaini—AFP-Getty Images via MSNBC

Whether Romney is pandering to American Muslims or simply deluded about the danger Islam poses to the United States and American society, Mitt Romney IS NOT the man I want at the helm of the ship of state.

Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela Plots Against U.S. Revealed reports that the Spanish language network Univision aired a documentary last week that shows Iran and Venezuela planning attacks on the United States.

La Amenaza Irani (The Iranian Threat), which ran last Thursday night, shows the Iranian ambassaor to Mexico and a Venezuelan diplomat who is reportedly still in the United States planning cyber attacks and other types of attacks.  Moreover, the evidence presented directly links Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to the plans.

The attacks were to be directed against sensitive U.S. national security facilities, along with nuclear power plants and New York’s Kennedy Airport.

The documentary also features video footage taken by extremists linked to Iran, and an interview with an undercover journalist who infiltrated clandestine military training camps in Venezuela.

La Amenaza Irani was narrated by award-winning Univision News co-anchor Maria Elena Salinas.” ~According to a Newsmax email alert dated December 11, 2011.

Iran is a world-wide menace.  They threaten the not only the continued existence of Israel, but the stability of all of southwest Asia.  They provide safe harbor for Taliban fighters; they provide money and logistics support, through their proxy Syria, to insurgents in Iraq.  Iran was implicated in a recent plot to kill both the Israeli and Saudi Arabian ambassadors in the United States. 

While the president campaigns, the economy continues to collapse and our enemies openly plot against us.  The president needs to spend less time vacationing and playing golf and actually try to lead. 

Perhaps if President Obama actually read the daily security briefings, we would not be hearing about Iranian and Venezuelan plots from Univision.

Here are links to the Univision documentary on You Tube.  I have not yet found an English version of this piece.
La Amenaza Irani Part 1 from You Tube in Spanish
La Amenaza Irani Part 2 from You Tube in Spanish
La Amenaza Irani Part 3 from You Tube in Spanish
La Amenaza Irani Part 4 from You Tube in Spanish

Anything to Make a Buck

So who needs privacy, anyway? According to Charles Oliver at, in Florida only cops and judges are entitled to privacy. 

Oliver writes that the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles made $63 million last year selling driver’s license information to private companies.  “The data include names, addresses, dates of birth, and a list of vehicles registered to each person.  Only law enforcement officials and judges can prevent their information from being sold,” according to Oliver.

Newtonian Physics


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One response to “Short Notes on Current Events

  1. Re. Mitt Romney’s comment on American Muslims:
    He’s right in the literal sense. There are Muslims who are actually Americans by choice and conviction, and thus basically peace-loving as well. There are also charlatans and home-grown Islamic terrorists, and not just in the prisons.
    One of biggest problems with Romney — and there are a lot of them — is that he often sounds so wishy-washy in his attempt to be extra careful and precise. Oftentimes, correct or not, he comes off as trite and weak. I’m afraid that is exactly what we’d get with Romney as President. I believe that Romney is an honest man and well-intentioned, but if he’s an ineffectual drip, who cares? I’m not sure he has the nerve (a polite substitute word) to be the kind of leader that Americans need in the 11th hour of our foundational experiment.
    For my money, we should look to Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann.

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