Occupy Movement Post Mortem

By Alden L. Benton

“If you want total security, go to prison.  There you’re fed, clothed, given medical care, and so on.  The only thing lacking… is freedom.”
~Dwight D. Eisenhower

I offer President Eisenhower’s statement as a eulogy to the passing of the Occupy movement.

The press spoke and penned many words about the Occupy movement.  No matter how the bias of the pres tried to spin it, the Occupy movement was an orchestrated, desperate, attempt by anarchists, communists, Muslim radicals, the Democratic Party, labor unions, and other unsavory groups, to create chaos. Their goal: to disrupt, distract, and destroy the United States of America and replace it with a Marxist socialist-communist state. 

To say this rabble represented any American’s interest is both a lie and an egregious insult to a vast majority of Americans of every economic or social status.  Occupy protestors represented no one except themselves in pursuit of their own selfish demands for a free ride.  They are no more than spoiled children, no matter their age, pitching temper tantrums.  They are amoral, violent, filthy, hedonistic narcissists.  As Newt Gingrich said, they should all take a bath and get a job.

The cities they have occupied have grown weary and thrown their sorry backsides and their putrid mess out.  Good riddance.  This is what your tax dollars have purchased: an illiterate generation that cannot articulate a coherent thought or get a job, even in a good economy. 

My hope, as I relegate the ashes of the Occupy movement to the garage dump of history, is that the 99 per cent these fools claimed to represent wake up and reclaim this great nation; starting on November 6, 2012.

“I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.”  ~Douglas MacArthur

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One response to “Occupy Movement Post Mortem

  1. I’d like nothing more to believe that the Occupy movement has expired, but that’s wishful thinking. It’s true that we have seen one small victory of sanity, decency, and public health, but it is only temporary and skin deep at best. The only thing that will change with Occupy is the strategy is the outward form, or perhaps only the immediate targets and venues. In fact, the new phase is happening already.
    Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who don’t see the real face and goal of the Occupy movement for what it has been, and for what it will continue to be. There are too many Americans who are so thoroughly brainwashed by Leftist propaganda as to be incapable of seeing Evil in the thin disguises they so blatantly exhibit — just as so many couldn’t (and still can’t) see the clear criminality, immorality, and in-your-face dishonesty of Obama and his associates in friendship and philosophy as well as his minions in political office.
    We know who they are and what their goal is, but that’s not enough. We must take them as seriously as they take their literally world-changing agenda. If we think they will give up this easily, if we think this is the last we’ve seen of the grand urge to destroy everything and everyone as necessary sacrifices to their utopia, we are playing right into their hands.
    Here’s the truth: the Occupiers don’t feel repudiated; they just feel denied — and angry. We must realize that Leftists’ strategy keeps changing, but their dissembling efforts in pursuit of their goal never do.
    The biggest reason that these leftist revolutionaries are even more dangerous than the Islamists is that the Marxist-Socialist-Progressive groupies are occupiers by nature. Leftists occupied America more than 100 years ago, and they immediately set about organizing and using American law and culture, and our sense of fair play and tolerance against us: note the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the strong-arm shaping of unions, education, agriculture, and corporations via federal regulations and subsidies.
    The nasty truth is that most of the Occupiers, both the organizers and the useful idiots, are not cultural or religious outsiders or invaders at all — they are “us” — delusional as they are. Like it or not, the Marxists (whatever their variation of the main theme) are the permanent disgruntled rogues of America, enemies of liberty. They simply believe that total government is the solution to worldly problems, led by economic inequality; all the rest stems from that.
    Thus, the only way we can sign their epitaph is to make crystal clear their dangerous delusions, deliberate dishonesty, and abiding anti-Americanism — make it so clear that the “independents” and at least a good many of the decent but easily led liberals, will reject them of their own volition.
    Elections aren’t the whole answer to the problem, but elections certainly are the heart and soul of the American mind and will, and they have consequences.

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