Things to Think About on Black Friday

By Alden L. Benton

Black Friday. 

The day after the Thanksgiving holiday is the busiest shopping day of the year and the day many retailers see as a make-or-break day for the year’s profit. 

However, before you run to the mall to spend what’s left of your hard-earned cash, or max out the remaining balance on your credit cards, here are some items from the news to think about.

  • According to an Associated Press (AP) survey, the Occupy Wall Street protests have cost taxpayers around the country at least $13 million, mostly in police overtime and municipal service.  Remember this when your city wants to increase your taxes to pay for this.
  • A CNS News article reports that in a Thanksgiving Day speech in 1988, President Ronald Reagan said some of the things Americans should be thankful for were an increase in manufacturing jobs and a 50 per cent drop in unemployment from a recession high of 10.8 per cent to 5.4 per cent in 1988.
    In his 1980 campaign, Mr. Reagan asked us the question we must ask ourselves again next November: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”
  • President Obama delivered a downbeat, sullen, and Godless Thanksgiving Day radio address yesterday.  However, CNS News reports that the historical record shows that most presidents did not hesitate to thank God for the blessings bestowed upon the United States of America.
    In yesterday’s post, I quoted from the Thanksgiving addresses of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  In addition, if you follow the link above to President Reagan’s 1988 Thanksgiving address, you will see that he too thanked God.
    President Obama also thanked God in his first two Thanksgiving Proclamations.  Why not now?
    If you would like to read the Thanksgiving Proclamations of all the presidents from 1789 until now, go to the website of the Pilgrim Hall Museum.
  • As you recover from your Thanksgiving Day feasts and festivities, take a moment to read this short piece about the true meaning of Thanksgiving by country music icon Collin Raye.

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