Will Your Vote Even Count?

In his book If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat, Hugh Hewitt details the history of cheating and election fraud perpetrated by the Democratic Party starting in the post-revolutionary period.

The fraud and deceit of the Democratic Party continues today.  Through groups such as the now defunct ACORN registering, and voting, dead people, to voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers, and the outright fraud of boxes of ballots “suddenly” appearing days after close elections go against their candidates.

Now the Democrats have a new ally in their quest to win at any cost — technology.

According to a Tech Media Network report published yesterday via Fox News (Researchers Hack Voting Machine for $26), voting machines used in 22 states can be hacked by an eighth-grader with easily acquired parts.

According to the article, “In a video, Roger Johnston and Jon Warner from Argonne National Laboratory’s Vulnerability Assessment Team demonstrate three different ways an attacker could tamper with, and remotely take full control, of the e-voting machine simply by attaching what they call a piece of “alien electronics” into the machine’s circuit board.”

In the 2012 elections, the Democrats are in real danger of becoming a permanent minority party as the entire country is simply fed up with their corruption and incompetence.

The Democrats are scared, and scared politicians do anything to keep their power and influence.

With millions of dollars flowing into campaign coffers across the nation, it is far too easy for Democrats to divert funds to try and rig the election in their favor.

If we are to maintain the sanctity of the electoral process, we must make the process honest and secure.

If the voting machines hacked by researchers are vulnerable, they must be recalled immediately for modification.  In addition, all voting machines must be examined and thoroughly tested for security vulnerabilities.

The issue of the vulnerability of our voting machine goes beyond party politics, but to national security as well.

We are constantly under indirect attack by our enemies around the globe.  Some of these enemies are quite sophisticated, while others are not, but with a few dollars worth of parts from Radio Shack even the most unsophisticated can alter our political landscape in ways even more profound than the attacks of 9/11.

Technology is a wonderful tool, but we cannot let it become our master; we cannot let it destroy the integrity of the electoral process in the name of convenience.

©2011 Alden L. Benton/Independence Creek Enterprises


One response to “Will Your Vote Even Count?

  1. Thanks, for all the updates going on in our political world, even though, some of it is scary, like the one above!

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