Beating Obama with the Budget

By Alden L. Benton

 In the recent Iowa Republican Presidential candidate debates, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich reminded us in his closing remarks that no matter what, we have 15 more months of Barack Hussein Obama as president.  Mr. Gingrich also noted that we need leadership now to derail or defeat the president’s odious programs and goals.

We must force our representatives in Congress to act decisively on the mandate from the people that swept Republicans and TEA Party conservatives into both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  We must force them to stand on their principles, the principles that propelled them to victory and to a majority in the House.

America has grown impatient with business as usual inside the Washington, D.C. beltway.  We stood up and demanded change, and we swept away many who impeded that change.  It is our time to wrest control away from the self-appointed elites, the ruling class, and set the nation back upon its foundations, building it up better, stronger, and freer than ever before.

We don’t need degrees in economics, law, or public administration to know what is wrong with this country.  Americans know that a family, a business, or a nation cannot survive if it continues to spend and borrow more than it can earn.  We want to keep the fruits of our labor and spend it as we see fit, not have it redistributed to those who did not earn it.

This is why Americans want spending cuts, not tax increases.  Most Americans believe cutting spending is more important than cutting the budget deficit.

Conservatives must fight to dramatically reduce spending at every opportunity.  We lost the opening round of that fight when old-guard beltway Republicans caved to the Democratic mob’s demands during the debate on raising the nation’s debt ceiling.  Instead of standing firm, they gave the president and the Democrats a bright shiny new $2.5 trillion credit card in return for a committee filled with partisan hacks from both sides of the aisle that will supposedly recommend budget cuts.

The chances of that this “select” committee will find any substantial budget cuts are slim and none, and slim left town in 2006.  The game is rigged.  When the committee fails, our military, and thus our national security, is endangered by the draconian automatic cuts the debt ceiling deal triggers.

Great deal, Speaker Boehner!  I have some ocean-front property and a used Yugo (runs great) that I will sell you too.

When will Republicans learn that negotiating with the Democratic mob is like negotiating with terrorists?  They will tell you anything you want to hear, even sign agreements, but the second you blink, they kill you.

The House holds the purse strings of the federal government.  Every cent the government spends originates in an appropriation from the House of Representatives.  The coming budget battle is where, if the House majority stands firm in its resolve, we can beat down the president’s programs and change the public agenda by putting Obama and the Democrat mob on the defensive.

The first step is to scrap the sham budget cutting committee set up in the debt ceiling fiasco.  The House must not abrogate its Constitutional authority over the budgetary process. 

The Democratic mob (I know that is an oxymoron) will scream, wail, and stomp their feet like unruly kindergartners (or “working class youths” rioting in London); they will lie, they will distort, they will cheat, they will resort to any and all unsavory and underhanded ploys to get their way. 

However, House Republicans must prepare and pass a budget that reduces spending to 15 per cent, or less, of gross domestic product (GDP) and reduce the federal deficit to no more than 2 per cent of GDP.

The budget must cut all funding for all of Obama’s follies: Obamacare; job killing EPA carbon regulations; NLRB rules violating ballot secrecy in Union elections; Justice Department efforts to avoid the will of the people by circumventing Congress and implementing the DREAM Act that failed in the legislature; FCC censorship of talk radio and takeover of the internet in the name of diversity and neutrality; all of the un‑appointed, unaccountable shadow government run by the so-called Czars and other efforts by the Obamanistas and their mob to circumvent Congress and the will of the people.

Finally, the budget must be 100 per cent free of earmarks from either side of the aisle, and devoid of any funds to bailout spendthrift states like California and New York.

The House must stand firm and repel any effort to compromise or weaken their budget.  When the budget comes back from the Senate to a joint conference committee, the committee members from the House must stand resolute and delete any changes made to the budget by the Senate.  Any!  If this temporarily shuts down the government, so be it.  The onus will be on the Democrats and the president. 

Compromise with a mob always ends in disaster, and the Democrats are a mob (read Demonic, by Ann Coulter).

To accomplish this we must keep pressure on House, and Senate, Republicans to get this done.  We must support them in their efforts any way we can, especially by keeping the conservative message front and center through blogs, op-ed pieces, phone calls, emails, and supporting demonstrations.

If we defeat the president and his minions now, we will most likely control the House, Senate, and the White House come January, 2013.  Only then, can we repeal the Obama agenda and implement policies to restore the health, wealth, and freedom the president’s misguided, ill-conceived, socialist agenda has stolen from us.

We all have a stake in this.  There can be no compromise.  Our health, wealth, freedom, and our nation’s future will rise or fall on the outcome of this struggle.

©2011 Alden L. Benton/Independence Creek Enterprises


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  1. Now that is some magnificent writing.

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